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A notice about Classified Ads

Vision Australia no longer offers a resource for the selling and giving away of second-hand products.

Due to ongoing Australia Government compliance and warranty requirements Vision Australia can no longer sustain this service in a safe and effective way for users. Additionally, Vision Australia cannot accept donations of items due to ongoing compliance requirements and health and safety reasons.

If you have a product that you wish to donate or sell second hand, there are a number of online marketplaces where you can do this. There are also traditional methods of selling such as newspaper advertising.

Some suggestions that you may find useful include:

In addition to the disability and assistive technology sites mentioned above, mainstream sites such as Gumtree and Facebook offer marketplaces where second hand goods can be sold or given away.

Please do your own research.

Vision Australia does not vouch for or have any relationship with any of the websites listed above. Vision Australia has not tested the accessibility of the above websites.