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Words from a participant

“I thought I was too old to learn Braille, but I really enjoyed the challenge and now I can find any CD I want in my jazz collection.”

— A client who completed the Grade I Braille Course

Hands reading braille

The aim of the training

Braille training supports you to learn how to read and write braille. It is for those who have a reading and writing goal and have been identified as having low or no vision such that they will benefit from accessing information through reading braille by touch.

What's on offer?

Braille lessons are offered by telephone or face to face at the following three locations: Victoria (Melbourne - Kensington), NSW (Sydney – Parramatta) and Queensland (Brisbane—Coorparoo).

Training is offered one-on-one or in groups in one or two hour sessions once a week or fortnight, depending on need and preference.

Courses may commence at any time throughout the year.

Grade I Braille Correspondence Course

Cost of course material $85. Hourly lessons with a Braille Trainer are also highly recommended—contact the number below for funding and other details.

Note: braille course material can be borrowed by members of the Vision Australia Library in ebraille or hard copy.

The Grade I Braille course covers the braille alphabet, numbers, and punctuation.

Grade II Braille Correspondence Course

Cost of course material: There are three modules; each costing $60, totalling $180
This course covers braille contractions, which reduce the amount of space required to read the information. Most braille books for adults are written in Grade II Braille.

Braille for people who are sighted

People who are sighted who want to learn braille are encourage to either:

Contact us

Contact us today to book your braille training by calling our helpline on 1300 84 74 66 or emailing [email protected]. You can also connect with our services here.