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Medical and health professionals

Working together to make a bigger difference for those who have low vision or are blind.  

Drawing from our broad experience, we work in partnership with people living with blindness or low vision, to develop tailored strategies that support them to achieve their goals. From everyday activities like continuing to read or connecting with others who have similar interests or experiences, to life experiences like travelling overseas or learning to surf. There’s no goal or aspiration too big or too small.

Vision Australia employs a team of highly skilled health professionals in areas including; Orthoptics, Optometry, and Occupational Therapy. We help clients develop their confidence and skills to get out and about safely by teaching them how to use a white cane or matching them with a Seeing Eye Dog. We also support them to find and keep a job and, introduce them to the latest technology and devices that can help them to access information, for example, talking audio books and newspapers, computer screen magnifiers and screen reading software.

Vision Australia can add to the valuable work that you do for your patients by receiving your referral early. And, we can partner with your patients at any stage of treatment, to support them to understand, adapt to, and manage their vision loss to get back to doing the things that are important to them.

You provide the treatment and Vision Australia provides the support services.

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