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Australian Capital Territory

Miss Caitlin Jung is studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Canberra. 2020 is Caitlin’s second year of the 4 year degree after which an additional 1 year internship will be undertaken. The bursary awarded Caitlin with an HP Laptop with added warranty, Sony headphones, large screen monitor with desktop clamp, laptop hub dock with cabling, Stylus pen, ZoomText and Large Print Keyboard.

New South Wales

Mr Luke Andrews is enrolled in a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Newcastle. The bursary awarded Luke a MacBook with AppleCare+ and accessories, an iPhone with Apple Care+ and accessories, Bose Frames Alto and a back pack.

Mr Connor McLeod is studying a Bachelor of Information Technologies at the University of Technology in Sydney. The bursary awarded Connor a BrailleSense Polaris 32-Cell Braille Notetaker.

Master Luke Jennings is studying a Bachelor of Engineering at Macquarie University. The bursary awarded Luke a ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader and Lenovo X1 Extreme Notebook with Microsoft Home Office Student.

Mr Daniel Liao is studying a Bachelor of Music. The bursary awarded Daniel a MagniLink S Premium.

Mr Christopher Averkos is studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Professional Practice at University of Technology Sydney. The bursary awarded Christopher ZoomText Fusion with maintenance agreement, an ABBYY FineReader, Prodigi Connect 12 with distance viewing camera, Bluetooth Mini Keyboard and Backpack.

Miss Tanya Boye is enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. The bursary awarded Tanya an Apple MacBook Pro.

Northern Territory

Ms Emily Hopkins is studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at Flinders University in Adelaide. The bursary awarded Emily a Microsoft Surface Laptop with software, insurance and accessories, BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones, JAWS Home Edition with maintenance agreement, Pearl Camera + Openbook Software.


Master Fabian Jones is studying a Bachelor of Law at Griffin University. The bursary awarded Fabian an iPhone, JAWS Home Edition with service agreement and a Dell XPS Laptop.

Mr Lachlan Papas is studying a Bachelor of Nutrition with Torrens University. The bursary has awarded Lachlan with a Dell XPS Laptop and Prodigi Connect 12 with distance viewing camera.

Mr Oscar Wilkinson is studying a Bachelor of Human Services at Christian Heritage College. The bursary has awarded Oscar an iPhone with AppleCare and accessories, iPad Pro with Software, AppleCare and accessories along with AirPods Pro.

Ms Chanelle Morris is studying a Bachelor of Social Welfare at Southern Cross University.  2020 is Chanelle’s second year of the 3 year degree. The bursary has awarded Chanelle with a BenQ Monitor, Apple Magic Mouse 2, Magic Tracpad 2, Large White on Black Keyboard, Reveal 16i desktop magnifier and KNFB reader-scanning app for iPhone.

Mr James Steggell is studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology. The bursary has awarded James with a MacBook Pro including software, accessories and AppleCare+, an IPad Pro including accessories and AppleCare+ and AirPods Pro.

Mrs Dalmayne Thamm has enrolled in a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic at Central Queensland University. The bursary has awarded Dalmayne with a Mercury 12 Laptop with OCS Speech and distance camera and ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader including maintenance agreement.


Mr William Hipkin is studying a Diploma of Business at RMIT. The bursary has awarded William with ZoomText Personal Licence, an Epson WorkForce MFC Printer, HP Laptop, iPad Pro, Reveal HD Digital Magnifier and Apple AirPods with Charging Case.

Miss Sana Amani is studying a Bachelor of Law at Monash University. The bursary has awarded Sana with a Braille Sense Notetaker with Dictionary, HP Lightweight Laptop and JAWS Professional.

Mr Rohan Symonds is studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Federation University. The bursary has awarded Rohan with OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software, Victor Readers Stream Digital Recorder, Large LED Monitor and HP Desktop and Mouse set.

Mr Matthew Parthimos is studying a Diploma of Business at RMIT. The bursary has awarded Matthew with Apple iPhone 11, Apple MacBook with accessories and LG UltraFine Large Monitor.

Miss Kira Young is studying a Bachelor of Education at Victoria University. The bursary has awarded Kira a MacBook Pro with AppleCare+ and a Lifetime licence for Sonocent Software.

Mr Brendan Pickles is studying in his second year for a Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine at RMIT. The bursary awarded Brendan an Explore 8 Handheld Electronic Magnifier, a Microsoft Surface Pro with insurance and accessories.

Ms Raelene Dadd is studying a Diploma of Community Services at Box Hill Institute, Lillydale Campus. The bursary has awarded Raelene a Transformer HD with Text-to Speech OCR, AOC 17” Monitor, Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse, Olympus Voice Recorder with accessories, EZSee Large Print Keyboard and Anti-Theft Backpack.