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Mr Amir Abdi is studying Diploma of Health Science at Deakin University.  The bursary awarded Amir a Laptop, JAWS, IPhone, Lenova thinkpad Gen, Apple Watch, HP Officejet printer, Braillient Display 14 Cells, Bose Soundlink, headphones and a backpack.

Mr Gift Bimha is studying Diploma of Business at RMIT.  The bursary awarded Gift with a Macbook Pro, IPad, IPhone, Headphone and ZoomText.

Miss Lilly Brown is studying Bachelor of Health Science at Victoria University.  The bursary awarded Lilly with a Laptop, Keyboard, Mouse, JAWS and Braillenote Touch 32.

Miss Ana Diaz is studying Bachelor of Design at Swinburne.  The bursary awarded Ana with a Surface Pro, Microsoft Pen, Microsoft Mouse, Samsung Galaxy and headphone.  

Mr Ashley Hanson is studying Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University.  The bursary awarded him with an IPad Pro, Keyboard, IPhone, HP Probook and a top load case.

Mr Nicholas Harrington is studying a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne. The bursary awarded Nicholas a MacBook Pro & IPhone.

Mr Tusi Matia is studying Diploma of Music at Kangan Institute.  The bursary awarded him with a Laptop, Pearl camera & openbook software, and diaphragm SWT Polar Nickel.

Mr Rohan McKenna is studying Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne.  The bursary awarded Rohan with a MacBook Pro, IPad, IPhone 7 Plus, Kodak Pixrpo camera and a Ruby hand held video magnifier.

Miss Micaela Schmidt is studying Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University.  The bursary awarded Micaela with a Laptop, Polaris Notetaker with Dictionary, Mouse and Briefcase.

Anonymous recipient is studying Bachelors of Business Accountancy at RMIT.  The bursary awarded this recipient with an Apple MacBook Pro, Apple IPad Pro, ABBYY FineReader Pro, Sony Cybershot WX500 with a camera stand, Keyboard with number pad, Mouse, headphone and LG Ultra Fine 4k Display (screen).


Mr David Mallon is studying Masters of Economic Geology at University of Tasmania.  The bursary awarded David with a Prodigi Connect 12 V2 AU-AUEN with distance Camera Kit SL10 and IrisVision.


Miss Emma Bamman is studying Bachelor of Psychological Science at Deakin University.  The bursary awarded Emma with iPhone 7 Plus with Invisiglass, OrCam, Headphones and Apple watch.

Miss Kirsten Busby is studying Bachelor of Music (Voice Performance) at Sydney University.  The bursary awarded Kristen with Braille Sense Polaris.

Miss Sitari Hassani is studying Diploma of Arts/Bachelor of Arts at Western Sydney University.  The bursary awarded Sitari with MacBook Pro, IPhone 7 Plus and IPad Pro.

Miss Nasreen is studying Bachelor of International Studies of University of Wollongong.  The bursary awarded Nasreen with a MacBook Pro, IPad Pro, Printer and LED monitor.

Miss Jessica McKinnon is studying Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University.  The bursary awarded Jessica with Victor Reader Trek and Braille Sense Polaris.

Miss Yasmine Turner is studying Dual Bachelor of Commerce with a degree of Bachelor of Laws.  The bursary awarded Yasmine with MacBook Pro, IPad Pro, ABBYY FineReader, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Laptop backpack, printer LED Monitor and a Kodak PIXPRO camera.

Mr Arkan Yousef is studying Masters of Science at University of Technology Sydney.  The bursary awarded Arkan with a HP Probook, Pearl and Openbook, Olympus DM7 Recorder with Vocalised Menu, IPhone 7 Plus, mouse and printer.


Miss Zaheera Casoojee is studying Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith College. The bursary awarded Zaheera with a MacBook Pro, Dragon naturally speaking pro, IPad Pro, Apple Pencil, smart keyboard for IPad Pro, IPhone X, ITunes and KNFB reader.

Miss Taylor Gosens is studying Bachelor of Entertainment Management at Australian Institute of Music.  The Bursary awarded Taylor with a MacBook Pro, IPad Pro, apple Pencil, smart keyboard, G-Technology G-drive USB C drive, slope board and Kodak smart lens.

Mr Ryan Loh is studying Bachelor of Justice at Queensland University of Technology.  The bursary awarded Ryan with a Laptop, Zoom Text magnifier, IPad Pro, Apple pencil, keyboard, monitor with speakers, Lamp and backpack.

Miss Kate Maudsley is studying Graduate Certificate of Counselling at University of Queensland.  The bursary awarded Kate with an Asus monitor, IPad Pro, IPhone X docking station, Keyboard & mouse, Apple pencil, ABBY Finereader 14 OCR/PDF, LED Lamp and LED desk magnifier.