Meet Nikki Hind. The blind fashion designer with Big Visions.


Nikki Hind always dreamed of being a fashion designer. When she was little, she had trouble seeing. Later a stroke took away almost all of her eyesight. Nikki didn’t let that stop her. Now she has her own fashion lable and her fashions are shown all around the world. Discover how being vision impaired has made Nikki who she is today.

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Illustration from Surfing in the Dark showing a surfing catching a wave and a man wearing a medal

Big Visions features Australian role models who champion resilience and encourage inclusion.

The ground-breaking series depicts everyday low vision and blind Australians living well and chasing their dreams. These important new role models are the first step towards changing the kids Vision Australia works with and Australia's expectations of just how much a child with low vision or blindness can achieve.

Vision Australia's ambition is to use these true, unexpected stories of true resilience, true diversity and inclusion with the ambition of together building a kinder and more accepting Australia through the stories we read and tell.

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