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Being blind or having low vison does not mean that you need to stop doing the things you love. Sometimes, you just need to do them differently. 

The latest release in our Big Visions series, Dressed for Success, tells the story of Australia’s first blind fashion designer Nikki Hind. It was through her determination, resilience and sheer grit that she followed her dreams and achieved her goals. Nikki has since started her own fashion label, Blind Grit, and has shown her collection at Melbourne Fashion Week.  

For people like Nikki and so many others, our Vision Store is stocked with a wide range of gadgets and tools to help you continue to do your favourite hobbies and past-times. In cases like Nikki’s, those are things like sewing. 

Whether you are an established seamstress or enjoy sewing tapestries in your spare time, we all have a need for the trusty needle and thread. And our Vision Store stocks a wide range of products that will help you sew like a pro! 

"A love heart made from a piece of thread."

Picture this: 

You were folding the clothes and the sleeve on your favourite shirt just didn’t feel quite right. There’s not just a hole on the sleeve, there’s also a missing button. How did the washing machine manage that in just one cycle? 

You grab your trusty sewing basket and search for your Auto Needle Threader, grabbing your self threading needle pack for good measure. It’s nice to have different needle tip options. Plus, it gives you more than one method of avoiding the impossible task of threading a needle without any aids. Impossible from the first day you are taught to sew to the very last! 

Feeling the rip in your shirt, it might be beyond a quick stitch together. You may need to add some fabric behind it. You can call it a contrast block, it’s a fun way to keep wearing your favourite clothes and not throw them away, right? 

You grab your spare pieces of material and your SensePlayer OCR ET to tell you what colour fabric you are holding. You have a blue swatch, similar to your shirt. Perfect! 

"Various pieces of multi-coloured material"

Time to settle down in your favourite armchair. You set up your magnifying lamp with the LED light , there’s always time to make things bigger, bolder and brighter, and that’s it, time to sew! 

Before you know it, the button is back in place and your new contrast block is fastened in place. Your shirt sleeve is as good as new. Pleased with yourself, you return your equipment to your sewing basket, another win under your belt. Time for a cup of tea. As much as you love your accessible sewing kit, your kitchen really is quite special in itself. 

Just because your life may have changed, you do not need to stop doing the things you love or fix the simple problems that you never previously thought twice about fixing. Nikki certainly never did.  

You can purchase a copy of the latest Big Visions book Dressed for Success at our online store today!