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Vision Australia's Digital Access team is proud to acknowledge working with multiple finalists of the 2023 Australian Access Awards. 

Finalist for the awards were announced in late October, with the list showing that Digital Access had supported finalists across multiple award categories. 

Josh Crawford, Digital Access national manager, said the list highlights the breadth of service and expertise the Digital Access team provide. 

"Across the finalists, there are more than 10 different organisations that our Digital Access team have worked with over the past," Josh said. 

"These are organisations that are of various sizes, operate in different industries and are at different stages on the path to ensuring their services and systems are accessible and we have been really excited to work alongside them all," he said. 

Winners of the Australian Access Awards will be announced on Wednesday, November 22. A full list of finalists is available from The Centre for Accessibility Australia website

Digital Access provides a range of services including accessibility audits, training, and consulting  and Josh said it's pleasing that so many different types of organisations are engaging with those services. 

"All of the finalists deserve recognition for really showing commitment to making their websites, digital communications, and digital products and services accessible ," Josh said. 

"For our team, it's really pleasing that so many different organisations are making accessibility a priority. We worked with many of these organisations in the early stages of design meaning we're able to work together and deliver solutions that meet the needs of all users. "  

Find out more about the services offered by Digital Access today or contact the team via phone on 1300 367 055 or email [email protected].