Join the Library

The library service is available, free of charge, to people with a print disability:

  • A person without sight, or whose sight is severely impaired
  • A person unable to hold or manipulate books, or to focus or move his or her eyes e.g. MS, stroke, severe arthritis
  • A person with a perceptual disability e.g. dyslexia, visual processing disorder


  • It's free. Library materials are delivered through the post, free of charge to members, or by download.
  • It's personal. Members may choose specific titles or design their own profile and receive books based on this profile.
  • It's convenient. Library materials may be borrowed for up to two months and our friendly library staff are always happy to help. We're only a phone call away!

How to join

There are a few easy ways you can join the library:

Please note that we require referee details.

Player options

There are a growing range of mainstream devices that play DAISY books. These include free software, many home CD or DVD players, smart phones and tablets and other MP3 players. You can now download the Vision Australia Connect app from the Apple App store or from Google Play. Specialised DAISY Players are available for rent from the Library or purchase from Vision Australia's Equipment Solutions shop.

The Library has 3 types of DAISY players available for rent:

  • Wi-FI Online player - $9.00 per month or $99.00 per annum.  This player is suitable for members with their own Wi-Fi internet connection.  The player is configured to deliver the member's reading choices directly to the player via their Wi-Fi internet connection.  
  • 3G player - $12.00 per month or $136.00 per annum. This player is suitable for members without an internet connection.  The player is configured to deliver the member's reading choices directly to the player via the OPTUS 3G telecommunications network.   The member does not need to have or use their own mobile connection.
  • In instances when a 3G player may be out of stock or the member resides in an area where mobile telecommunications is not available or is limited, a DAISY CD player will be provided as the rental player at the same fee as the 3G online player. 

Members can pay the rental fee by credit card, direct debit or cheque (per annum only). The library will provide a player guide and information with rental players.
Explore your options further via the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For those interested in software options, a range is described via the following link:

Partner with us

If you have a number of people interested in joining the library, we can help streamline the process through a partnership. We are currently supporting public libraries, nursing homes and other facilities, with training, DAISY players and centralised communication.

Telephone 1300 65 46 56 to find out how we can help.

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