Colour detector

Colour detectors are hand held devices that tell you the colour of whatever item you are pointing it at. They can be used to identify the colour of your clothing; files or paper in the office; balls of wool or the colour of food items.

There are currently two types of colour identifiers available:


The ColorTest is highly accurate and provides detailed descriptions of colours, for example "Olive green with shades of blue". It even breaks down the colour to percentage of luminosity, hue and saturation.

The ColorTest must be purchased directly from Austria from CareTec and is priced at more than AUD$1000.


The CareTech Color Test Memo colour detectorA cheaper alternative is the ColorDetector from Vision Australia’s Equipment Solutions.

It is not as accurate as the ColorTest described above when it comes to identifying very dark colours like distinguishing between dark navy blue and black. However, it does provide basic descriptions of colours such as "very light blue" or "olive green". It is priced at around $250.

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