Braille business cards

Many organisations now include braille on their business cards to show they are conscious of the need to be inclusive of people who are blind or have low vision.   Organisations deliver their business cards to Vision Australia, usually 8 up on A4 paper and uncut, we emboss the name and telephone number in braille and return them to the printers for cutting. This service is used regularly, particularly by all levels of government and by organisations dealing with people with disabilities. Just print and complete the form and deliver it, with your uncut cards, to the relevant address.


Please provide your printer with the following information.

  • Cards should be provided to Vision Australia on A4 sheets (210 x 297mm) with cards printed in a portrait style, generally 8 up. Sheets smaller than this may be acceptable but please check with Vision Australia.
  • The maximum sheet size that can be fed into embossers is 297 x 500mm and the braille will be landscape oriented, i.e. running along the longest side of the page
  • Stock must be 300 gsm or less and UNCOATED. Coated stock may crack with embossing.
  • All business cards will be embossed by Vision Australia and returned to the printer for cutting.  


Mastering one A4 page = $50
Embossing braille on each uncut A4 sheet = $1.80

Download order form (Word 82 KB)


For additional information we invite you to contact:

Customer Service Team
1300 84 74 66

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