Vision Australia Voice Assistant Pilot Project

Expression of Interest

Have you ever wanted to try Voice Assisted Technology?

Do you already use an Alexa or Google voice assistant, or another smart speaker?

We are looking for 30 people based in Victoria and living with blindness or low vision to help Vision Australia pilot voice assistance technology.

This pilot project will initially focus on access to our library, with a number of books, newspapers and magazines available, as well as Vision Australia radio. You will also be able to access other available content.

We are looking for a wide range of participants with various levels of technical experience.

How long will the pilot last?

The pilot will commence in late January or early February 2021 and run for up to three months. You will need to commit to participate in the entire pilot.

Do you need to own a Voice Assistant device?

No. Vision Australia will provide you with a smart speaker device. This will be either an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, or a Google Nest Mini. You don’t need to return the device after the pilot, it’s yours to keep.

Do you need an internet connection?

Yes. You will need to have access to an internet connection with Wi-Fi capability to connect the device to Vision Australia services.

What support will Vision Australia provide?

We will help to set up the device in your home and provide personal support throughout the pilot based on your needs.

What will you need me to do?

You will need to actively participate and provide feedback throughout the pilot. This will include:

  • completing pre/post-questionnaires
  • participating in an observation session  

To express interest, please answer the following questions.

These questions will help us to assess eligibility for the pilot.


Are you a Vision Australia client?*
Are you currently a Vision Australia Library member?*
Do you reside in Victoria?*
Have you ever used a voice assistance device?*
Do you have an internet connection with Wi-Fi capability?*
Do you, or does a family member, have a smart phone?*
How would you describe your confidence levels using technology?*