Roger Storen

Roger Storen has been a tandem bike rider volunteer at Vision Australia for six years. 

He enjoys his volunteering as it helps blind and low vision people experience bike riding. 

In his time as a tandem bike rider volunteer, he’s ridden with people who’ve never been on a bike before. 
Volunteer Roger Storen rides a tandem bicycle with a Vision Australia client through a park.
He’s also shared the tandem with people who were frequent bike riders before their vision loss. Some of the experienced riders are very active on the tandem and peddle at such a high rate that he has trouble keeping up. “They go hell for leather” Roger says.

Roger participated in a Vision Australia program called “Come and Try.” The program was run until 2014 and offered blind and low vision people a monthly opportunity to go for a tandem bike ride. 

Weekend tandem bike riding trips were also held. The route for the weekend cycle trips was from Lilydale to Warburton with an overnight stop.

Roger’s volunteering has helped many people experience bike riding again or for the first time. He finds it a rewarding job and plans to continue his voluntary work at Vision Australia.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Vision Australia call 1300 847 466 or visit

Roger Storen
Vision Australia volunteer enables bike riding for the blind