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11 years, 600 episodes and three hosts.

Talking Vision has been a committed voice for the blind and low vision community, churning out news and current affairs on a weekly basis.

Previous hosts Stephen Jolley and Stella Glorie spoke with current host Sam Colley on the show’s legacy.

For Stephen, he remembers the show developing “teeth” after tackling some tough issues.

Sam Colley - host of Talking Vision

Photo: Current host of Talking Vision, Sam Colley.

From the Vision Australia CEO leaving suddenly, to asking hard questions about the termination of services.

“I wanted to ask the questions that were in the minds of listeners, rather than just relay what were important messages from the senior management of the organisation or the senior leadership,” Stephen said.

“So there was a conflict, conflicting positions there that was challenging and well worth doing because it meant the program did have teeth.”

For Stella, coming in as a fully sighted host meant she wanted to tread lightly but delve into the disability sector as a whole.

“I started having more of an interest in disability, what was happening with disability in general and with women in disability,” she said.

Stella was also host when the National Disability Insurance Scheme was being rolled out, so the show became an advocate for the rights of the blind and low vision community.

Stella Glorie, former host of Talking Vision

Photo: Former Talking Vision host Stella Glorie. 

Now, with Sam Colley at the reigns, Talking Vision enters its new era.

He has been able to stay on the air over the pandemic, recording interviews over the phone and on Zoom, while still producing the 30-minute show without fail every week.

Listen to the hosts relive their favourite Talking Vision moments in the player below: