Talking Tech update: Review of new Samsung products

20 August 2021

Samsung is keeping the nostalgia high with their newest products.

Flip phones are back and earbuds now resemble marbles.

This week on Talking Tech hosts Stephen Jolley and David Woodbridge review some of the newest releases from Samsung after their Unfold event on August 12.

For the blind and low vision community, there are some benefits and some hindrances.

The Samsung Z Flip 3 phone definitely piqued David’s interest out of the new lot.

The flip aspect of the phone means when you open it up you can answer a phone call or when you close it you can hang up a phone call.

But it has two touch screen options, one like a regular smartphone when it’s open, and a smaller screen with notifications and interactivity options.

The Samsung Z Flip 3 in its folding modes

Image: the Samsung Z Flip 3 in its folding modes.

“To me this sounds a lot more useful than an unfolding phone,” he said.

“It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, the screen on the outside will give you enough information to check your notifications and you can use it like a normal touch screen.

“I’ll be checking it out for accessibility, I want to try talkback on both the screen on the inside when it’s open and the screen on the outside when it’s closed, so I’ll let you know my findings in a month or two.”

They have also increased the fold resistance on their Samsung Z Fold 3 smartphone. It is now rated to 200,000 folds, so about seven years of regular use, David said.

“If you’re a sighted person you may love it, because it literally unfolds to a good size tablet screen,” David said.

But at a starting price of about $2,500, it might be out of reach for many.

Listen to the full reviews including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 4 Classic and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in the player below.

But of course, for Samsung users, the biggest question will be – is it time for an upgrade?

In David’s opinion, the answer is no.

 “If you’ve got an existing Samsung phone, an existing Galaxy watch and buds, the old adage if it’s not broken don’t fix it, or in this case, don’t replace it.”

But, for those in the market for new technology, the latest Samsung products will be available in Australia for pre-order on August 27, and in-store from September 7.

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