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With Christmas fast approaching, you'll have to be quick to get your letter in to Santa!

Australia Post is once again helping Santa out by running their Santa Mail program, providing a method for children to write letters to Santa and to get a response from the big man!

In this interview highlight,  Sharon Carroll, from Australia Post explained the Santa Mail program to Vision Australia Radio's Peter Greco.

“This year our Santa Mail program is going to be more accessible than ever," Sharon said.

"You can contact Santa through any form of communication. That might be a letter, a drawing, a song or even a photo."

What's particularly wonderful about the program this year is that Santa's responses can be tailored to the child's specific needs, including large print and braille.

"Children will receive a response from Santa that best suits their communication needs. That may include large print or braille format, or any other communication adjustment that we need to make.”

An envelope addressed to Santa at the North Pole
Caption: Get your letter in the post bye December 2 to get an accessible reply direct from the North Pole!

To ensure your response from Santa arrives in the chosen format, parents must address the letter with the communication adjustment in brackets. For example:

Santa Mail (Large Print)


Santa Mail (Braille)

Any letters addressed for Santa also require a 65c postage stamp, and the child's name and return address on the back of the envelope.

Letters must be sent by December 2.

You can find out more about the Santa Mail program from Australia Post.

You can listen to the full interview below or at this link.