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Talking Vision is Vision Australia Radio’s flagship program, discussing the latest news and issues from a blindness and low vision perspective.

On the show this week Sam had the opportunity to catch up with Vision Australia manager of government relations and advocacy, Chris Edwards, to chat about Vision Australia’s election priorities for an incoming Victorian government to be elected on November 26.

Vision Australia’s focus is to ensure the next Victorian government builds policies that improve the ability for people who are blind or have low vision to be active and included within the community.

The priorities for this election centre around accessible travel, pedestrian safety and employment

 For example, there is a focus on improvements to audio announcements on trams, trains and buses, as well as the promotion and regulation of accessible technology within the Victorian public service for employees who are blind or have low vision.

Chris emphasised employment as a key priority, given the importance employment plays in people being independent and improving their self-esteem.

“We think that the Victorian government can be part of that, to set examples and to be a role model for the rest of the community in how to include people who are blind or have low vision [in the workforce],” Chris said.

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