Sheila has been a "Good Listener" for 40 years, will you join her?

10 June 2022

Vision Australia Radio is asking people to be a “Good Listener” during its Radiothon

They possibly don’t get any better than Sheila Blanchfield who’s been listening to the station for well over 40 years.

In the early 1980s went to an initial planning meeting where they discussed establishing the radio station, it was then called 3RPH.’ says Sheila.

‘It started only a few hours on a Sunday evening night, which is only as much as the licence would allow. Things have really changed especially with technology which has allowed it to be better in many ways, with the inclusion of digital radio and podcasts.’

While Sheila says she is loyal to the specialist programs like the flagship Talking Vision and Vision Australia’s Library program Hear This, she’s delighted when she discovers new programs. Recent programs include the Saturday night Baby Boomer program, Readers Digest and the daily online review.

‘I don’t read articles online, I like hearing it on the radio. So I think it's important because you get a broader view of what the public is reading or been in contact with. You can hear the news every hour for about 5 minutes and you get a bit of an overview. But often there will be articles about a particular interview or something like that. It might broaden what you've heard on the news.’

You can hear Sheila chatting with Stella Glorie on Talking Vision here.