Podcast series: Nothing's off limits

There are some subjects which are felt to be too awkward or embarrassing to ever get talked about in a straightforward and open way.

Instead, we skirt around them because we think we should know all the facts. Or we suppose that someone else has covered the topic – and much better than we ever could.

Subjects like sex, dating, personal care, style, safety, nutrition, periods, starting a family, having ‘that’ conversation with the kids… you get the idea.

Things we might feel are ‘off limits’.

We know from our community that people really want to know more on these so-called off-limits subjects.

As such, Vision Australia is developing ‘Nothing’s Off Limits’: a series of podcasts where experts and people with lived experience will sit down and discuss the topics we love to avoid but absolutely need to talk about.

And, as the name suggests, nothing will be off limits.

We’re going to start with 10 episodes which will broadcast on Vision Australia Radio then available for download to listen when and where suits you.

To get it right, we’re calling on our community.

You can have your say in shaping these podcasts by taking the quick anonymous survey below to let us know what you want us to talk about and the questions you want us to ask. Nothing’s off limits!

Alternatively you can drop us a line on Nothingsofflimits@visionaustralia.org

Please spread the word to your friends and families. The more feedback we get the more relevant these podcasts will be for you. The survey closes on November 25, 2020 and is completely anonymous.

Bookmark this website for updates and links to the podcasts once they’re ready to download.

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