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Calling all artists!

16 Mar 2017
It’s that wonderful time of year again! Vision Australia is calling for works from artists who are blind or have low vision to feature in our 2018 large print calendar.

New MOU with Orthoptics Australia

16 Mar 2017
A new Memorandum of Understanding between Vision Australia and Orthoptics Australia aims to improve the early detection and treatment of eye conditions through a range of education and collaborative research initiatives.

Managing my glaucoma

15 Mar 2017
Jane is aware of the importance of regular check-ups and visits her eye specialist four times a year to manage glaucoma.

Glaucoma. The silent thief of sight.

13 Mar 2017
Glaucoma is a significant cause of blindness and low vision in people over the age of 40. We explain what glaucoma is, how it affects a person's vision, how it is treated and managed, and the solutions that can help a person to adapt to living with glaucoma.
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