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With my Seeing Eye Dog by my side

13 Feb 2017
Lizzey has always used a white cane, but around two and a half years ago, she decided she wanted to be matched with a Seeing Eye Dog to support her get out and about.

India claim World Cup win as Australia struggle

13 Feb 2017
India have claimed the Blind Cricket Twenty20 World Cup on home soil after a strong win in the final against Pakistan, while Australia struggled after making a strong start to the tournament.

Library Lovers' Day: Jenny Abela on what she loves about the Vision Australia Library

07 Feb 2017
The Vision Australia Library plays an important part in the life of many people from the bind and low vision community, helping them to learn something new or escape into their favourite fictional world. In this Q&A to mark Library Lovers' Day, volunteer Jenny Abela shares some of what she loves about the Vision Australia Library.
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