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Glaucoma. The silent thief of sight.

13 Mar 2017
Glaucoma is a significant cause of blindness and low vision in people over the age of 40. We explain what glaucoma is, how it affects a person's vision, how it is treated and managed, and the solutions that can help a person to adapt to living with glaucoma.

Brush with food royalty for Telelink clients

08 Mar 2017
The All About Food Telelink group was given a special treat last month when Maggie Beer, one of the best known figures from the Australian food and restaurant industry, joined in on their session.

Handy iPhone accessibility features you need to try

27 Feb 2017
Here’s a list of five iPhone functions and apps we like that can help you talk hands-free, magnify small text, understand what’s on the screen, keep track of friends and take great photos.
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