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Mary's a home body thanks to Vision Australia

30 May 2017

Mary Amor is legally blind because of age-related macular degeneration, but Vision Australia is supporting her to live in her own home.

She was diagnosed with macular degeneration five years ago after a slow deterioration in her vision.

It‘s a team effort that involves occupational therapists, an orientation and mobility specialist and an assistive technology expert based in Vision Australia’s Bendigo office.

Small alterations around Mary’s Bendigo home have made all the difference, allowing her to remain independent while living with macular degeneration.

In the kitchen, Vision Australia installed specialised knobs on Mary’s stove and supplied a liquid level sensor makes pouring a cup of tea easier and safer.

“When a certain level is reached, it squeaks, and if you add milk to your drink, it squeaks again. It’s got two levels,” she says.

Vision Australia staff also suggested that Mary use a clear electric kettle to help her to pour hot water more safely.

Mary’s computer has been set up to maximise its accessibility functions.

She has a large-button telephone and a cordless phone that speaks each dialled number and the names and phone numbers stored in its memory.

A hand rail has been installed beside Mary’s bath, and new hand rails will soon be fitted at her front and back doors.

A home care package has been designed by Vision Australia to meet her needs around the house and garden.

Once a week, Mary visits Vision Australia’s day centre for social activities that keep her engaged with the community.

“I can’t speak too highly of Vision Australia. They’ve been absolutely wonderful,” Mary says.

Vision Australia Bendigo’s regional manager, Megan McDonald, says her staff offer personalised service that aims to allow people like Mary to live the life they choose.

“We work as a team to deliver the best outcome for people in the blind and low vision community,” she says.

“People with macular degeneration or any other vision issue still have a life to live, and it’s our job to support them.”

For more information about how Vision Australia’s services can work for you, phone 1300 84 74 66.

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