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Vaughan and Seeing Eye Dog Deva

Sydney based criminal lawyer, Vaughan, 39, has been legally blind since birth and along with his Seeing Eye Dog, Deva, is a regular presence at Parramatta Local Court.

“Having the right dog is essential for my job. Vision Australia matched me with Seeing Eye Dog, Deva and she is fitting in beautifully,” says Vaughan.

“For me, it is important that my Seeing Eye Dog is ambitious. I need to be able to quickly navigate around the court rooms as I meet with between five and ten clients daily. But, it is also important that she fades into the background and is not the centre of attention.” 

Vaughan’s Seeing Eye Dog trainer, Ian Cox, worked closely with him to ensure Deva was able to cope in this challenging environment.

Vaughan site with his Seeing Eye Dog Deva
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