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David and Seeing Eye Dog Zahra

“I was always tripping over in shopping centres, and I was starting to trip over gutters. With Zahra, I’ve had no falls and no trip ups. You don’t walk into things with a Seeing Eye Dog.”

Seeing Eye Dog Zahra sitting in car seat and John in the backgroundDavid 62, has an eye condition called Coloboma that’s been slowly robbing him of his sight since birth.

Determined to finish school and complete an apprenticeship in spite of his poor eyesight, David became a chef and was able to work until the age of 30 before he was forced to give it up. My darling wife, Yvonne, then became my fulltime carer, but when I turned 60 my eyesight had deteriorated to such an extent that I was depending on Yvonne more and more because I could do less and less. That’s when my family finally talked me into asking for some help.”

“Zahra has made it a lot easier. I can do more myself now and don’t have to keep depending on my wife for everything—now I have the freedom to just go and do it myself.”

David sits in his lounge chair at home with Zahra sitting next to the lounge chair
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