Talking Tech update: product previews

04 August 2021

This week on Talking Tech, hosts Stephen Jolley and David Woodbridge delve into a few product reviews.

David regularly reviews new technology from a blind and low vision perspective via his iSee blog.

From the latest smartphone to an air purifier, it’s a vast treasure trove of genuine reviews from someone who is completely blind.

As David puts it, he reviews “interesting tech stuff I find useful”.

Below are the two products David reviews in the latest Talking Tech episode.

Micro Speak Digital Recorder

The Micro-Speak Digital Recorder

Cost: $160AU

Product description: A portable digital voice recorder. Useful for taking quick notes, recording lectures etc. Easy playback feature and can hold up to 96 hours of audio.

Aftershokz OpenComm Bone /Conduction headphones (with Boom Mic)

Aftershokz OpenComm Bone /Conduction head phones 

Cost: $129AU

Product description:  Wireless headphones. Has an open-ear design with nothing in, on or over ears, to help maintain situational awareness.

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