David Woodbridge's guide to the Envoy Connect

15 March 2019

The Envoy Connect Audio Player is a new and convenient way to access audio books from the Vision Australia Library.

Small enough to be used at home or when out and about, the Envoy Connect can hold up to 30 audio books on its internal memory and has a number of other handy features including a micro SD card slot, solar recharging and tactile keypad.

Vision Australia assistive technology adviser David Woodbridge has had his hands on the Envoy Connect for a while. Check out his video review of the device below, as well as a handy podcast on how to load Daisy books on to the device from a Mac computer.

Envoy Connect video review

Podcast: Loading Daisy books from a Mac

Interested in finding out more about the Envoy Connect? Check it out on the Vision Store website here

Check out the Vision Australia Library here, so you'll have something to listen to on your device.