Lars joins the push to protect the VA Library in NSW

11 February 2019

Parents like Lars are calling on government to publicly commit to funding our NSW library. Please tell decision makers why they need to protect the future of our NSW library. 

Lars' message:

It has come to my attention that the funding of Vision Australia’s Library Services seems to be under threat. This is a grief concern for our fully blind child who is using these essential services on a regular basis, both for education and entertainment.

Our son can only read braille and Vision Australia is the only organisation which we know of, who can supply a broad range of suitable reading material for our son in a convenient, time-efficient way. We heavily rely on these services.

Would you please kindly explain to us what your plans are with regards to supporting/funding this essential service, and in particular how our son will be able to gain free access to suitable (braille) library books, like anyone else has access to state library books. As voters in NSW, we are deeply concerned, and the availability of a suitable range and quality of braille reading will influence our vote.

I am looking forward to hearing your response!