Sea, Space and Beyond


Date 12 Feb 2021

Time 10:00 AM


Newcastle Museum

Address Newcastle Museum, 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle , NSW

Phone (02) 4974 1400




Vision Australia, in partnership with Newcastle Museum are presenting ‘Sea, Space and Beyond’, an exhibition of tactile artworks from the blind, low vision and sighted communities as part of this year’s New Annual Festival .

Exploring spaces that are real and yet unknown, ‘Sea, Space and Beyond’ will take you to places beyond day-to-day experiences and open visitors to new and exciting sensory adventures.

As a tactile exhibition, visitors are actively encouraged to explore the artworks with their hands. Descriptions of the artworks will be available in braille and print to provide an inclusive experience for guests. Descriptive guided tours, facilitated by a Vision Australia trained guide, will be available for visitors who are blind or experiencing low vision.

Please call ahead to book your guided tour, or speak with museum staff when you arrive.

For more information, or to book your guided tour of the exhibition, please contact Newcastle Museum on (02) 4974 1400, visit their website , or email them via


This is a free exhibition managed and produced by the City of Newcastle