Term one wrap-up

By Kimberley on 28 April 2017 Go comment! about Term one wrap-up

We are officially into our second term of Paisley’s Big School Adventure, and it's safe to say that it has been a learning experience for me, as a Mother and Paisley, as a wee Preppie.

In my head, I envisioned school drop-offs as a glorious and emotion-filled occasion involving a kiss on the cheek, a small tear from Paisley, a big hug and a long goodbye. With Paisley still being so young I expected the water works to last well into the first semester. Oh, how wrong I was.

The tears lasted a grand total of four days! F.O.U.R days. Surely, I'm worth more than four lousy days? Am I, as a parent, that boring that the idea of school is more enticing than spending time with me? So many unasked questions but I didn’t like to ask Paisley why she liked school more than she liked me.

Recently, on a miserable rainy afternoon, Paisley and I sat around the table doing her sight words. She confidently spelt and recognised words that I didn't know she could. And, although she had to squint to make out some of the harder words – was, like – I couldn’t help but recall how at one stage, I was advised to postpone Paisley heading off to Prep for a year. Yet, here she was, proudly spelling and recollecting all her sight words like every other kid in her class.

It was only in that moment that it dawned on me. I should be happy that she loves going to school. I should celebrate it!

Prep has given Paisley the confidence she so badly lacked when she was at home. She is no longer introverted and gives everything a good hot crack. She is starting to read and write sentences and spell every member of our family’s name. And, she has a big smile on her face while she's doing it.

When I look back on it now I'm quite proud that the water works only lasted four days. It showed me that even at the tender age of five, my little girl knows that life is all about picking yourself up when you are down and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

You see, the funny thing about unasked questions is, that one way or another you get the answer you were looking for.

To sum up, the top three things Prep has taught me so far, are:

  • expect the unexpected
  • don't sweat the small stuff
  • your children don't stay little for long.

In other news, Paisley participated in first-ever Easter Hat parade and cross country event.

The parade was fantastic with so many different creations, and so much chocolate.

The cross county was nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time, as Paisley is asthmatic. But bless her soul, she tried her very best and ended up finishing in the Top 10.  Paisley is pictured below at the cross country event.

Paisley, aged 5, is dressed in her sports uniform and is wearing a hat and sunglasse. The photo was taken at the cross country event.