Talking Tech: Blind Paralympian launches fitness app

28 April 2022

Having honed his career as a blind personal trainer, US Paralympian Tyler Merren has now launched his own accessible fitness app.

Called ReVision, the audio-based fitness program is unique in that it includes directions from a blind perspective; either by using clockface directions, reference points, and step-by-step instructions.

Each workout includes a beginner and advanced level and options for working out with music and without.

Tyler Merren holding an iphone in a gym.

Photo: App creator Tyler Merren.

Talking Tech’s David Woodbridge trialled the app recently and found it was well-paced and offered a lot of choice.

“It's extremely well done,” he said on the latest episode of Talking Tech.

“Because it's got that sort of relaxed attitude on how it's presented, I feel a lot more comfortable because I don't feel like I'm being slack, I feel like I'm actually working to my best ability.”

Tyler won the prestigious Holman Prize for blind ambition in 2020 and received funding to create the accessible app.   

“It is a program that will continue to grow to include anything and everything fitness related,” he said.

The app includes a free two-week trial, then is subscription-based for $8.99 per month or $91.88 a year.

Listen to David Woodbridge’s full review of the app in the player below:

Download the app: Apple or Android