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UFO Talking Alarm Clock

This talking alarm clock is designed with a UFO shape and features a LCD display with 12/ 24 hour time display. Press the round head of the clock and the clock will announce the current time.  You...

$22.00 (incl Tax)

Talking Clock Almond Shaped

With its modern, almond-shaped design and sleek white exterior, this low-profile clock is both elegant and easy to use.  The large talking button (3-1/2 inches or 9 centimetres long) is conveniently...
$30.00 (incl Tax)

Talking calendar alarm clock

Alarm clock that announces time and date at the push of a button. Very simple to operate. All features are spoken and easy to set and access by someone who is blind. Clear male voice with English accent....
$155.00 (incl Tax)

Talking keyring clock

A small plastic digital talking clock attached to a keying with LCD display. The key ring can be carried in the pocket or attached to purse or handbag. With minimal instruction you can set the time...
$20.00 (incl Tax)

Talking cube alarm clock

Talking alarm clock in the shape of a cube. Black in colour with large contrasting round TALK button at the top (press this button to hear the time). Clear male voice with English accent. All settings...
$75.00 (incl Tax)

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