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Visionkeys big bold keyboard stickers

Large and bold keyboard stickers available in both black lettering on a white background and white lettering on a black background. All letters, numbers and symbols of the keyboard are included such...
$10.00 (incl Tax)

LSM 7 heavy base - white

Heavy table base used with task lamps. An additional base is needed when lamp is required to be used at alternative locations at home or elsewhere - saves having to carry heavy base around as well when...
Low Stock
$20.00 (incl Tax)

Envelope address guide

Durable black plastic guide with rectangular cut outs to assist in keeping writing straight when addressing envelopes. Acts as a visual and tactile guide.
$5.00 (incl Tax)

A4 superior writing guide

Plastic writing guide to help keep writing on a page straight and neat. Frame fits a standard sheet of A4 paper 28 x 21cm or 11" x 8¼"), and the 13 apertures correspond to ordinary line spacing....
$8.00 (incl Tax)

Signature guide - large

Black plastic guide with a large rectangular cut-out (1.5 x 9cm) in the centre more suitable for larger signatures. Useful for signing forms and letters. Great to have handy at customer service counters...
Low Stock
$4.00 (incl Tax)

Rockstar Audible Rugby Ball

Standard rugby ball with bells inside that produce a ringing sound when the ball is in motion. Suitable for indoor games and recreational activities. Made of Soft Touch Matt Finish PVC material.
$37.00 (incl Tax)

EZ See Large Print Keyboards

Standard computer keyboards featuring enlarged and high contrast characters that are very easy to see. USB connection to any computer with a USB port. Quiet key tapping. Features multimedia keys above...
$39.00 (incl Tax)

Signature guide - small

Credit card sized, durable black plastic guide with a rectangular cut-out (1.3 x 7cm) in the centre to correspond with a standard size signature. Useful for signing forms and letters. Great to have...
Low Stock
$2.00 (incl Tax)

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