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Envelope address guide

Durable black plastic guide with rectangular cut outs to assist in keeping writing straight when addressing envelopes. Acts as a visual and tactile guide.
$5.00 (incl Tax)

A4 superior writing guide

Plastic writing guide to help keep writing on a page straight and neat. Frame fits a standard sheet of A4 paper 28 x 21cm or 11" x 8¼"), and the 13 apertures correspond to ordinary line spacing....
$8.00 (incl Tax)

Signature guide - large

Black plastic guide with a large rectangular cut-out (1.5 x 9cm) in the centre more suitable for larger signatures. Useful for signing forms and letters. Great to have handy at customer service counters...
Low Stock
$4.00 (incl Tax)

Prockey Pen Chisel Tip - black

Black marker pen which is waterproof, odourless and fade resistant. Can be used on most surfaces including polystyrene. Ink does not bleed through to the other side of the page.
$4.00 (incl Tax)

Pentel sign pen - black

Black felt tip pen of medium thickness that produces bold, easy to see handwriting. The ink does not bleed to the other side of the page.
$2.00 (incl Tax)

Signature guide - small

Credit card sized, durable black plastic guide with a rectangular cut-out (1.3 x 7cm) in the centre to correspond with a standard size signature. Useful for signing forms and letters. Great to have...
Low Stock
$2.00 (incl Tax)

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