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Tactile protractor - semi circle

Yellow plastic semi-circular protractor with bold visual and tactile markings. Supplied with a set of chart pins and a location sleeve to assist in maintaining the protractor position on the page.
$25.00 (incl Tax)

Talking desktop calculator with earphone

Desktop talking calculator with headphone jack so it can be used privately. Functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage and memory. Black in colour. Buttons are black...
$60.00 (incl Tax)

Geometry mat - large, rubber

Rubber mat that is used as a backing sheet for drawing on embossing film/paper. Produces a good quality embossed line with a pen, spurwheel or other embossing tool.
$40.00 (incl Tax)

Talking calculator A4 size - silver

Large print/talking calculator the size of an A4 piece of paper with an 8 digit LCD display with 25mm digits. The large buttons have high contrasting white numbers on a black background. Voice...
$45.00 (incl Tax)

Wikki stix - primary colour

Colourful waxed "sticks" that can be twisted, stuck on surfaces and shaped then untwisted and reused. Comes in a set of 48. Colours: primary colours. A versatile and fun teaching aid as the Wikki stix...
$22.00 (incl Tax)

Tactile ruler 30cm - black on yellow

Yellow plastic 30cm metric ruler with bold visual and tactile markings at each centimetre and half centimeter. At every 5cm the tactile line is longer than the other centimetre tactile markers on the...
$20.00 (incl Tax)

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