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Daylight Foldi Portable Desk Lamp

Portable desk lamp with LED lights. Comprises of 30 LED globes. The lamp head folds out and this action switches on the lights. Folding the head back in switches it off. Easy carry handle. Powered by...
$157.00 (incl Tax)

LSA superlux desk lamp - medium

Medium sized incandescent desk lamp. Its flexible anglepoise arm and heavy table base make this lamp easy to adjust in virtually any position and very sturdy. 80cm reach. 75 watt globe maximum....
$140.00 (incl Tax)

Daylight PL Desk Lamp

Fluorescent lamp that with a clamp to attach to a table or workbench and table base. Very flexible anglepoise arm. 80cm reach. 11 watt fluorescent tube. White in colour.
$100.00 (incl Tax)

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