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A young man white shirt, and socks, black pants and tie leaps into the air, clicking his heals while holding a bible in his hand, The words Book of Mormon with the button of an ornate silver doorbell represents the second letter O in Mormon

Show of the month 

The Book of Mormon 

Audio Described August 3rd at 8pmAugust 5th at 1pm
Princess Theatre, Melbourne
Call the groups booking number 1300 889 278.

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What is Audio Description?

Audio description (AD) offers people who are blind or have low vision an understanding of what is happening visually within a theatre, television, film, DVD, museum, exhibition or other arts related productions.

It is an additional narration that succinctly paints an image of transitions, movements, gestures, props, settings, costumes and scenery woven between the dialogues.

White capital Letters A and D on a black background. 3 sound waves arcing to the right from the curve of the letter D. Vision Australia logo in bottom right corner
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