I applied for a job and got a rejection letter! What happened?

Have you ever spent hours looking and applying for work, only to receive an email telling you that you haven’t even made it through to the interview stage? This can be a cause for frustration.

In this podcast, Randstad, a leading recruitment organisation, gives us some insight into what could have happened, and how you can improve on your chances to prosper in the future.

Download a transcript of the above audio (Word, 24KB).

What you can do next

  1. Vision Australia’s employment services team can help you to navigate through the job finding and application process. Request a call back from employment services.
  2. Do you have an example of when this happened to you? What did you learn from your experience, and what did you do differently? Share your reflections with us at servicedesign@visionaustralia.org. We will contact you about sharing your learning with others in our community.
  3. Our mentoring program provides an opportunity for you to connect with a professional mentor to discover the root causes of why you may be finding it challenging when applying for a job. We have a variety of mentors who are ready to partner with you. Contact the service design team at servicedesign@visionaustralia.org to find out more.