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Apple’s smart watch offers full accessibility to users who are blind or have low vision

10 April 2015

In a world first, thanks to its inbuilt accessibility features, the innovative Apple Watch provides users who are blind or have low vision with full access to the device features.

The watch, which is available to pre-order from 5pm on Friday 10 April, is available in stores from Friday 24 April.

Apple describes the watch as their most personal device yet. It includes popular features such as VoiceOver, Zoom, Larger Dynamic Type, Bold Text, Grayscale, Reduce Motion, Reduce Transparency, On/Off Labels, and Mono Audio.

According to David Woodbridge, Adaptive Technology Consultant at Vision Australia, one of the most exciting features is a tactile alert linked to the GPS function.  

“The watch vibrates using a different pattern to let you know when you need to turn left or right to reach your destination,” said Mr Woodbridge. “It also means I can answer my phone without having search for it in my bag,” he added. “And I can use it to post social media updates on the move.”

For more information about the Apple Watch visit, tune in to the Talking Tech podcast, listen to David Woodbridge's Apple Watch demonstration or listen to his interview with the Tech Dr

Note: It is important to note that the Apple Watch is a companion to the iPhone and is designed to work in conjunction with the iPhone.

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