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Reading plays a key role in the learning and development of any child. 

Vision Australia feelix library logoVision Australia’s Feelix Library provides young children who are blind or who have low vision with access to innovative story kits that provide a sensory experience. 

Children can read the book in braille. They can also listen to the story with an audio recording and explore a specially created tactile aid - a small toy or an object that helps to bring the story to life through touch.

Parents are able to share wonderful stories with their child and any siblings and learn about braille.

There are over 790 story kits to choose from including much loved children’s stories such as ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. 

Story kits are available in a range of languages (including Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic). These alternative language kits allow parents to read to their children in their native language. The braille is in English but the recording is in the home language. The tactile materials and handbook remain the same. Download the Feelix Library booklist here (Word, 2MB)

Child is reading a tactile and braille embossed book with mother's assistance

Feelix book week events

Each year a Vision Australia’s Feelix Library hosts an event to celebrate Children’s Book Week, held annually in August. Look out for the details on our Events calendar.

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Become a Feelix Library Member

Membership of the Feelix library is open to children up to 7 years of age who are blind or have low vision right across Australia. Parents, carers and teachers can also join.

To become a member, email Vision Australia at feelix@visionaustralia.org  or call 1300 84 74 66.

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