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The Vision Australia Library opens up a world of information to people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. 

Join the Library

Membership of the library is free and available to people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. To access the library you need a referral that can certify you are a person with a print disability. Find out more and join the library.  

Books and resources

Library members can access thousands of audio books, magazines, newspapers, journals and podcasts. As well as hundreds of printed and electronic braille books and music. And much more. Find out more about books and resources.

How to access the library

Members can access the library via the free Vision Australia Connect app on their smart phone, ipad, tablet or other compatible device. Or via a wifi or 3G DAISY player which are available to rent or buy. Find out more about how to access the library.

Feelix children’s library 

The Vision Australia feelix library helps children learn and develop in a unique way to support literacy. Children from 0-7 years old who are blind or have low vision can become a member and enjoy stories with their parents and siblings, and learn about braille. Find out more about feelix.

Youth Library 

The Vision Australia library has a range of books, resources and services for young people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. This includes audio books; a copy and reproduction service for academic materials, online databases and more. Find out more about the youth library.

Partner with us

We work in partnership with an extensive range of libraries, aged care facilities, publishers and affiliated organisations to help you access a greater range of books and resources. Find out more about our partnerships.  

Contact the library

Call the Vision Australia Library on 1800 005 965 or contact the Library for more options.

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