Adaptive Technology Consultancy Service

I thought I'd have to leave my work when my sight deteriorated, but my employers and Vision Australia were great and we managed to resolve the problems.

Changing the settings in my existing computer enabled me to continue writing letters and managing my financial records. I can even read the emails from my friends

One of the main barriers faced by people who are blind or have low vision is having easy acces to print information, computer based information, and electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, GPSs (global positioning systems) and MP3 players.

There are many technological solutions available that can minimise these barriers, whether they are in the workplace, school or at home. Computers with built-in accessibility features or specialised adaptive technology software can be used to do word processing, surf the internet or to input and retrieve information from data bases.

They can also be used to assist with tasks such as scanning, reading and writing letters or assignments; keeping a record of phone numbers, addresses, appointments and recipes or maintaining financial records.

Computers allow acces to the internet and all the connections that brings, from on-line shopping or banking, newspapers or magazines, to games and the ability to send and receive electronic mail (email).

There are also a range of options enabling people who are blind or have low vision to use product such as mobile phones, smart phones, GPS' and MP3 players.

Vision Australia' Adaptive Technology Consultancy Service provides:

  • General information and advice on adaptive technology products.
  • Individual adaptive technology assessment and impartial advice on the range of option available (including the pros and cons of each option) and recommendation regarding the best solution to meet each client's needs at work, school or in the home.
  • Technical support services (i.e. assistance with installation, setup and troubleshooting technical difficulties) for specific adaptive technology products.

The Adaptive Technology Consultancy Service is a short consultancy service, and does not cover extensive training.

Training in a range of adaptive technology products and general computer skills is provided by Vision Australia's Adaptive Technology Training Service.

Vision Australia also offers an Adaptive Technology Helpdesk (also known as the AT Helpdesk) which provides general information and advice and technical support for a range of adaptive technology products.

Interested in the service?

Contact: Vision Australia
Phone: 1300 84 74 66
Note: Services can vary across states because of regional and funding differences

Contact the AT Helpdesk
Phone: 1300 84 74 66

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