Vision Australia Texpo

Texpo is an annual event organised by Vision Australia that showcases the latest in products and services that can assist people who are blind or have low vision.

With a wide range of Australian and international technology suppliers exhibiting their products, it is a great chance to see all the different models and brands in the one location. Texpo features presentations on key topics about emerging trends in technology such as high definition magnification, tablet computers, the world of apps and accessibility, the joy of reading with ebooks and, this year, even advancements in cooking technology for those budding master chefs.

People come from everywhere to visit Texpo, even interstate. It’s a great place to be able to chat with our professional staff, product suppliers and catch up with friends, both new and old.

Texpo is a free event open to the general public. It is well attended by people who are blind or have low vision and their friends and family, people who work in the disability and aged care sectors, employers, government representatives – virtually anyone with an interest in learning more about blindness and low vision.

In 2014, there are some exciting changes coming to Vision Australia’s much-loved Texpo event. What remains the same, is that the event will continue to bring people together to learn more about the latest services and technologies available to increase independence. 

The event is moving to October. This will enable Vision Australia  to leverage two well-established awareness days, World Sight Day and White Cane Day, and create a “Vision Week” to promote our services and the event more broadly within the community. 

In addition, the event will be conducted over two locations, annually, on a rotating basis. This will enable Vision Australia to deliver more tailored events that respond to the needs of our clients and show case our service offerings in different locations.

In recognition of the level of change associated with this event, in 2014 Texpo will be maintained at the familiar locations of Kooyong on 10/11 October and Enfield on 17/18 October.

We really value feedback about how we can make Texpo better so do not hesitate to send us an email at or call us on 1300 84 74 66.

Previous exhibitors at Texpo

Plus there is a wide range of Vision Australia services on display for you to explore including Equipment Solutions, Low Vision Clinic Services, Technology and Training Services, Library Services, Children's Services, Connecting with Others, Employment Services, Seeing Eye Dogs and Orientation and Mobility Services, Vision Australia Radio and Audio Description Services.

What’s new in Equipment Solutions at Texpo this year?

Equipment Solutions brings you an exciting range of new products and Texpo specials this year.

Frequently asked questions

Download these FAQs for some helpful information about Texpo - note that some information is relevant to last year's Texpo and has not yet been updated.

Past Texpos

Texpo 2012 presentations

Texpo 2012 featured presentations about two popular topics. One was about accessing e-books, the options available and how easy it is to access a wide range of audio books from Vision Australia's Online Library catalogue. The second presentation was all about apps for when you are on the go and provides an overview of a range of accessible apps for the iPhone and iPad that are fun and easy to use with VoiceOver.

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