Vision Australia further education bursary

Applications for the 2016 Vision Australia Further Education Bursaries are now open as of 1 August 2015.

Young woman uses a braille note to type. Image also includes photos of an tablet device and mobile.Each year, Vision Australia awards Further Education Bursaries to a select number of students who are blind or have low vision. 

The bursaries provide adaptive technology to help the students fully participate and succeed in their chosen studies. Assistive technology can eliminate barriers to education and enhance access to information. It enables students to read course material, conduct research and improve their student life. 

Since the inception of the bursary scheme in 1996, over 300 students have been supported in their further education journey. 

Meet the 2015 and previous year’s bursary recipients.

How do I apply?

Please read the information document, then complete the Application form and Declaration below, and follow the steps in the checklist document to complete your application.


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