Job maintenance

Our goal is for you to maintain your employment for the long term. Whether we have assisted you to obtain your position, or if you have accessed our program due to your current role being in jeopardy, we will work with you to ensure all current and potential issues that may affect your role have been addressed.

This could include:

  • Vision management - lighting levels; experience of vision fatigue; confidence in advocating for vision related needs.
  • Tower with ClockOrientation and mobility - confidence in traveling to and from work independently; confidence in moving about the workplace and locating facilities; confidence in location and usage of stairs, lifts and exits.
  • Confidence in emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Modifications, adaptations and information access - necessary equipment installed and operational; confidence in use of equipment and steps to follow for troubleshooting;
     confidence in ability to access and independently operate additional workplace equipment, systems and facilities; Awareness of safety and locational signage with details provided in accessible format where necessary.
  • Job role - representative of position description; ability to undertake all aspects of the job role at a standard that meets employer expectations; impact of likely future changes to job tasks or duties.
  • Adaptation to the work culture - confidence in interacting with supervisor and co-workers; establishment of effective working relationships; establishment of a workplace 'support network'; participation in workplace activities; appropriateness of person presentation.
  • Conditions of employment - salary and entitlements in line with offer of employment and industry standards; understanding of salary and entitlements.

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