Individual support

The Peer Phone Support Program provides one-on-one telephone support to people who request to talk to someone who is blind or has low vision about coping with vision loss. It is also available for parents and carers who would like to speak to other parents and carers. You would be matched to a trained volunteer with similar characteristics.  The service is limited to two phone calls.

The person you speak to may:

  • Have a similar eye condition or level of vision loss.
  • Be of a similar age.
  • Have similar family circumstances (e.g. the client and the Peer may both have children).
  • Have experience in study or starting a new job.
  • Have a common interest or recreational activity with the client.

It may also be that you  do not have anything in common other than a rapport in communicating with each other.
If you want to find out more about the Peer Support Program, phone 1300 847 466 or email

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