What is VidKids™?

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VidKids™ is a national initiative which will utilise the increased reach and capacity of the National Broadband Network (NBN) to provide improved services to children with hearing and/or vision impairment in outer regional and remote Australia. Families and children will connect with qualified health professionals using video conferencing to access on-going support catered to each child’s specific needs.
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What are the benefits of video consultations for children who are vision and/or hearing impaired?

  • Usually children living in regional and remote Australia can only be visited by specialists, or make a visit to the city, a few times a year. Regular appointments using video conferencing will have a greater impact on your child’s development. 
  • All that is needed is access to a computer and you can decide where you will be.
  • Families and children can have sessions in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. And you don’t need to clean up the house for a visitor!

Who are the qualified health professionals?

Services that cater to the diverse needs of children with hearing and/or vision impairment will be provided by an expert consortium of professionals working either for Deaf Children Australia, Vision Australia and the First Voice national service network which includes the Hear and Say Centre, Taralye, Telethon Speech and Hearing, The Cora Barclay Centre and The Shepherd Centre. These organisations have years of experience and expertise and make up the VidKids™ Alliance of service providers. 

What services will my child have access to via video conferencing?

Vision Australia provides training and resources for families to help children who are blind of have low vision to increase their full potential in life.

Through our services we aim to facilitate each child’s development, access to education and independence from birth to school leaving age.

Our caring, specialist staff work with children and their families to develop programs that are tailored to individual needs in a sensitive and timely manner, whether the child was born blind, with low vision or their sight was affected later in life.

Who is paying for these services?

Services are free to parents and families whose children are involved. Service providers will be paid from funding received from The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).  As a pilot project FaHCSIA has committed over $4 million to help improve remote service delivery for children with hearing and vision impairment into the future.

Who is eligible for VidKids™?

Children aged between 0-18 years that have significant vision and/or hearing loss and live in outer regional and remote areas may be eligible for these services. Regional, remote and very remote areas are defined by the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) classification.

Children will be eligible if they have vision of less than or equal to 6/18 or equivalent field loss, in the better eye with correction.

How can I register?

For further information and/or to register for this program you can contact Susannah Kinny, VidKids™ Coordinator/State Practice Leader QLD,

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