At school or university

Support is available to get you the equipment and advice you need at school or university. Please also refer to the everyday technology page.

Having trouble viewing the whiteboard and smartboards?

There are several options available including:

  • Using a desktop video magnifier that has a distance camera. Options include standalone units such as the SmartView 360, Onyx Desktop, Acrobat and Mutiview. There are also portable options that use a camera connected to a laptop and use the laptop screen as a display, examples include the Transformer and the MagniLink Student.
  • Using a camera connected via WiFi to a tablet. The Sony WX500 camera can be connected to a tablet, and the tablet used to zoom in and view the whiteboard. This option also allows the user to easily take a photo of the whiteboard to refer to later on.
  • Software such as TeamViewer can be used to view the information displayed on a smartboard on a tablet.

Want to record part or all of the lesson/lecture?

Whether you want to voice or video record a lesson (providing you have permission of course) there are options available. Voice recording can be completed on Smartphones, using dictaphones and using devices such as the Victor Reader Stream or Blaze.

Video recording is possible using the Sony WX500 camera, with the camera connected to a tablet or smart phone the tablet or Smartphone can control the recording and also the level of zoom.

Vision Australia's further education bursary

Each year, Vision Australia awards further education bursaries to a select number of students who are blind or have low vision. The bursary provides adaptive technology to help the students fully participate and succeed in their chosen studies. 

If you this this could be you, find out more on the bursary page here.

Vision Australia's Graduate program

Are you a recent graduate who is passionate about supporting people who are blind or have low vision? Visit our Career Start Graduate program page to find out more.

Contact us

Contact us early and get the support you need. For more information on Vision Australia’s technology services call our helpline on 1300 84 74 66 or email info@visionaustralia.orgNote: Services can vary across states because of regional and funding differences.

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