Smartphones, tablets and Apple iOS devices

Here you will find all sorts of podcasts and resources on the accessibility of smartphones and tablets including iPhones, iPads and other i devices, Android phones, and more.


More recent versions of the Android operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) for smart phones has grabbed the attention of the Equipment Solutions team at Vision Australia as a viable accessible smart phone solution.


We got our hands on a Galaxy Nexus running IceCream Sandwich, and took the new “Explore By Touch” for a test drive. Explore By Touch, as the name implies, allows a person who is blind to navigate the screen by touch and interact with applications running on the phone.  When the phone is turned on for the first time, if a user draws a square in the middle of the screen, this activates Explore By Touch, and the user is able to go through a tutorial on how to use this accessibility feature.

Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and so on)

Apple iOS 7

Apple iOS 6

Apple iOS 5

In this demo, we show you how to create/use keyboard short-cuts for messaging, emailing etc.  For example, using a keyboard short-cut BRB, when typed in to a message, will expand out to Be Right Back.

Apple iOS 4and 4s

In this demonstration we take you through using a Bluetooth keyboard with VoiceOver on the iPhone 3GS using iOS 4.1 (which now offers full navigation of the iOS plus data input as before)..  We demo moving around item by item, selecting items, activating the Home button, changing voice rate, volume, typing echo etc on the fly, navigating by the cursor keys (QuickNav), jumping to the first or last item on a screen, using the rotor and web rotor, activating keyboard help (practise gestures on the touch screen as well), accessing the status line, turning on screen curtain, muting the speech, performing a two finger double tap to start/stop the iPod playing, and using the function keys on the Bluetooth keyboard to use the iPod, mute sound, and change volume.

Apple iPhone 3GS

iPad with VoiceOver


Nokia phone with TALKS software

A brief demonstration on how to use a Nokia touch screen mobile phone to dial a phone number using Talks version 5.

Microsoft Surface tablets

In this demo, we go through the physical features of the Microsoft Surface RT, look at a number of the Narator keyboard and touch (gesture) commands in both navigating Windows 8 and internet exploer, and then look at accessing the Charms window.

More podcasts about the Surface:

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