Audible light sensor - light probe

audible light sensorThe Audible Light Sensor is a handy device used for detecting if lights are on or off, from ceiling lights to small LED lights on appliances. It does this by emitting different tones. It can also be used to detect which side of the paper writing is on when scanning, faxing or photocopying.

How it works

The light sensor sticks out from the unit so that it can be placed over small LED lights on appliances to let you know whether the appliance is on or off, whether the line is busy or on hold on a telephone Command system.

A small button below the sensor is pressed to activate the light probe and a tone is emitted. A high-pitched tone means the light is on, while a low-pitched tone is means the light is off.

For detecting which is the printed side on a piece of paper, run the sensor against the full length of the page. A constant tone means a blank page, while a wavering tone indicates there is print on the page. This can take a while to get used to.

The Audible Light Sensor is also able to distinguish between different coloured light indicators. These types of indicators, called LED's (Light Emitting Diodes), are used on most modern electronic equipment and come in a variety of colours. The most common colours used are green, yellow and red. Different tones/volumes emitted by the device correspond to different LED colours, with the tone/volume going down in the following order - red, green and then yellow.

Another practical use for the Audible Light Sensor is that it can be used to test TV, VCR and stereo/Hi Fi remote control units. The unit will pick up the invisible infrared light they emit. To do this, simply point the tip of the Audible Light Sensor Tip directly into the end of the remote control, press and hold the ON/Off button on the device whilst at the same time pressing one of the buttons on the remote control.

You should hear a tone being produced by the Audible Light Sensor each time a remote button is pressed. This is also a good way of testing battery life in your remote.

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