Apple Resources

This page lists a number of Apple related web resources to enable you to get more information or access application demos.

Apple accessibility page

Apple special education page

Assistive technology for Mac, iPhone, ipod touch and iPad

This includes VisioVoice, a 3rd party screen magnification application for the Mac.

Community based resource and discussion

This site is for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and Mac OS products, including an excellent resource on accessible applications for both iOS and Mac.

Docuscan Plus

Docuscan Plus is a web based document management and PDF/scanning solution now available for the Mac. 7 day trial version available.


  • RS-Games: RS-Games provides a self-voicing games client now available for the Mac which gives you access to a number of online games including Black Jac, Battle Ship, Apples to Apples etc. Free, registration required.
  • 7128 games: Accessible games for the Mac


Access this site to get a daisy player for your Mac which will access both daisy text (such as the text based newspapers from the Vision Australia I-access ® service) or daisy audio (such as the daisy books that come on CD). Trial version available.

Sharing news and information

This site shares news and information concerning Apple accessibility. In addition, you can find the two mailing lists for the Mac or iPhone discussions group on this site as well.

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